About us

Of course, most people involved in the industry know of the well-established major international companies that provide technology to the military and other organizations. There are however, a number of smaller companies that are building excellent reputations for developing new products that are proving to be valuable & reliable advances in equipment and what's more, are being marketed at costs well within comfort zones.

One of the main advantages of such small companies is their ability to work closely with customers to provide tailor made solutions to bespoke problems that larger companies are just not able to respond to.

One such company is 'N90' of Northants in the United Kingdom. Here's a team where ideas certainly become reality. They are fast becoming known as 'specialists'.

N90 staff have worked in facilities providing defence technology from the F-35B Lightning and the Successor Class submarines to designing combat swimmer/EOD rebreather systems and bring a wealth of experience in the industry.

They now produce over 180 products that are sold worldwide, and were the winners of the most prestigious Global award for innovation in 2007 and a European award in 2010. The awards were given for their innovative products.



BAE Systems (Global Combat Systems/Land, Combat Air, Maritime and Integrated System Technologies/Insyte).

The Royal Navy.

JFD Global.

The FBI.

National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration.

NATO Research.